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How do Gutter Screens work?

With gutter screens you do not have to replace your gutter system. If your gutters are in good shape and a good candidate for screens the screens will be installed directly onto your existing system. 

The screens are designed to allow the rain to pass through while catching all leaves, sticks, hail, and other debris and preventing your gutters from becoming clogged. A clogged gutter system is a useless gutter system. 

You will never have to climb a ladder, put on your gloves and spend an entire weekend fishing wet leaves and debris out of your gutters. Let us save you some precious time, worry and money while protecting your home. Call North Texas’s Number 1 Contractor today!

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We are proud to offer New Wave

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Effective gutter guards end up saving you money on expensive yearly gutter cleaning costs, but if you still need your gutters cleaned, let us do it!

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Moves 40 Gallons of Water per Minute

New Wave Gutter Guards Are Designed to move vast amounts of water through the gutter system while at the same time keeping out large gutter clogging debris.

Many gutter guards have round holes, which actually hold the water on top of the cover. New Wave’s raindrop-shaped holes allow the water to spread out over the surface of the hole. This design thins the water and reduces the surface tension – which allows it to pass through easily. Once the weight of the water above the hole becomes too great, it passes through and into the gutter.

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A Good Option – Lock-On Gutter Screen
The Lock-On Gutter Screen is the traditional gutter leaf guard screen product seen on most homes in the area. The Lock-On Gutter Screen is made of durable powder-coated steel, which will not collapse under ice, snow, or debris. It is anchored to the front of your gutters with galvanized screws. The Lock-On Gutter Screen comes in 4-foot sections and is available for 5” and 6” K Style gutters. Color: Black.

A Better Option – New Wave Gutter Guard


Protect Your Gutters to Protect Your Home

Lock On Gutter ScreenYour gutters are essential to the health of your home. Their job is simple but important, to divert water away from your home. Without a properly functioning gutter system your home’s foundation is at risk of being prematurely degraded by the damaging effects of water. The trouble is keeping your gutter clean and debris free is a challenge. Enter Kangaroo Contractor’s gutter screens. 

Our gutter screen system will help you protect the gutter system of your home thus allowing the gutter system to protect your entire home. A qualified contractor will prepare your gutters for your new screens, and expertly install the screens to the top of your gutters. Once that is done, the job is done. You’ll never have to worry about cleaning your gutters again!

New Wave Gutter Guards Come with A 15 Year Warranty.

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