Window Repair

Serving North Texas areas with the most comprehensive service possible has always been our mission at Kangaroo Contractors. For more than 20 years, we've helped homeowners with all of their window repair projects, saving them money, time and worry.  Whether your window is damaged, your screens are in disrepair or you’re just ready for some newer more energy-efficient options we can help.

How to Fix a Window Seal Failure

There is an alternative to whole window replacement if you are dealing with window seal failure.  Here are some easy ways you can test your sealed windows that are called insulated glass units (IGU’s).

Foggy Window Before & After

Fortunately, there is a cost-effective alternative to full window replacement.  The Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) itself can be replaced saving the window frame intact, thereby avoiding the hassles inherent in replacing the whole window, such as paint matching, and the inconvenience of construction, etc.

With the professional installation of new glass, the window seal failure problem is solved at far less cost and time.  Your windows will be returned to their energy and cost-saving condition with new Insulated Glass Unit replacements.