Why are Window Screens Important for Your Home?

Your window screens are so helpful for keeping out flies, gnats, and other unwanted pests from your McKinney, Texas home. Living in a warmer part of the country we know these pests don’t really take a rest in the winter. And many of us believe that pest control is the main purpose of window screens. But did you know that your window screens serve a much greater purpose than that? 

We are here to tell you all about why it is important to have properly installed window screens on your home.

What do window screens do for your home?

So if your window screens aren’t just there to keep pests out of your home, what do they do for you as a homeowner? 

Window Screens Prevent Moisture Accumulation

If water begins to pool on your windows and window seals, the area can begin to develop mold. Mold is never a good thing.  Even worse, eventually, that water can start to move inside your home potentially causing more damage and costing you as a McKinney homeowner even more money. A properly installed window screen can help keep water off your windows, preventing mold growth, moisture problems, and costly home damage. 

Window Screen Protect Your Windows 

With properly installed and aligned window screens, your windows can be protected by debris during a storm. Your window screens will protect your windows and make it less likely that the panes will break during a storm.

Windows screens can also protect your windows during calm weather as well.  Your windows are always subject to dirt and debris flying at them, window screens won’t stop it all but it can help to protect against at least some of that potential damage. And a screen is a lot cheaper and easier to replace than a damaged window. 

Window Screens Help to Insulate Your Home

Why are Window Screens Important for Your Home?While properly sealed windows are the best insulators for your home, window screens can also help contribute to overall insulation.  They help keep heat in during the cool months and cool air in during those hot McKinney, Texas summer months! 

Keep in mind the contributing insulation factor of a window screen will be small and if you need to better insulate your home as a whole it there are more effective options

Window Screens Elevate Curb Appeal 

Having window screens on your McKinney home can add to the value and curb appeal. This is especially true if your screens are properly maintained. No one wants to drive up and see dirty screens with debris in them. Screens help to keep the windows themselves clean and protected, as well as free from bugs and debris contributing to a more maintained and aesthetically pleasing home. 

How to Keep Your Window Screens at Their Best 

While window screens are great at helping you protect your windows and the value of your home, it is always important to properly maintain them. 

Dirty or damaged screens do not work as efficiently. Window screens can become damaged or begin to sag over time. Working with a reputable contractor that knows all about the proper alignment and maintenance of window screens can help homeowners save a lot of time and hassle.

 If it is time for you to add or replace window screens to your home, Kangaroo Contractors can recommend the ones that are best for your McKinney, Texas. Give us a call today and we’ll hop to it. 469-414-1004


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