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No roof is meant to last forever – even the highest quality roofs will eventually need to be repaired and/or replaced. Sometimes this is due to severe weather like hail or strong winds. Other times are simply due to age and the wear and tear that comes along with it. And sometimes the roofs themselves are functionally fine but visually out of style with the rest of your home. There are many reasons why you may need a roofing contractor, but only one number you need to call.

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Our Kangaroo Promise

We’ve been servicing the Dallas Fort Worth area since 1996. Kangaroo Contractors is a GAF Master Elite Roofer and backed by the Golden Pledge Warranty. We guarantee the quality of our workmanship, the quality of our materials and fairness in our prices. All of our roofs are crafted to the highest quality standard, using roofers that have years of experience installing and replacing the roofs on homes all over the area.

GAF Golden Pledge, licensed and bonded roofers in Texas
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We offer Roof Replacements and Repairs for any reason including:

  • Roof Replacement/Repairs After Storm Damage
  • Roof Replacement For Updating your Home
  • Partial Roof Replacement during Remodels

As a GAF Master Elite Roofer, a winner of the Angie’s List Award in 2017 and licensed through the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas you can trust that we will provide you with a roof that will not only improve the value of your home but protect you from the Texas weather.

Kangaroo Contractors believe in treating their customers like family. Our highly trained staff members will not disturb you and your family during our project, and upon completion, we will clean up all debris, inspect the final project for quality assurance, and make sure that you are 100% satisfied with our efforts before leaving.

If you are in need of roof replacement or repair for any reason, call or email us today.  We will never pressure or upsell you – no job is too small. Give us a call and we’ll hop to it.


Choose a residential roofing contractor you can trust

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation does NOT currently administer licensure for roofing contractors. Anyone can call themselves a roofer in Texas and without being knowledgeable, insured, licensed, or even registered with the state. Roofing is a highly skilled trade.

The roof is structurally the most important component protecting the contents and integrity of the your home. Texas residents deserve a higher standard, so the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RACT) Licensed Roofing Contractor program was developed. RCAT is used to  increase consumer protection and secure public confidence in the roofing industry. The program elevates the roofing contractor’s knowledge and professionalism through voluntary self-regulation.

licensed roofing contractor, roofing contractors association of texas

License # 01-0433

What are some benefits with a licensed roofer?

A reputable roofing contractor, such as Kangaroo Contractors, will offer high quality roofing and maintain a license in Texas. It’s a great way to determine if your roofer meets certain standards and will do the job right the first time.

Always work with a contractor who adheres to the National Roofing Contractors Association standards. The roofer should additionally be bonded and fully insured to handle your roofing project.

licensed roofing contractor, bonded, insured
Being bonded means the bonding financial institution or company has investigated the contractor’s background and ensured it is trustworthy. A certified and licensed roofer knows the industry and what your roofing system needs.

Overall, certified and licensed roofers help ensure the roofing work will be completed successfully and that you’re working with professionals. Licensed roofers are more likely to issue a legally binding contract for the project to be performed and give a written estimate to the customer. Kangaroo Contractors understand that a roof is the most important structural part of your home. We want you to rest assured we are the certified and licensed roofing contractor to make your roof replacement a top priority.

Bottom Line

Insurance coverage is an absolute necessity! An unlicensed roofer or roofing company, or your friend or family will most likely be uninsured. Uninsured equals liability. You may be liable to pay medical bills and lost wages if they get injured while working on your property.

On the other hand, reputable and licensed roofers should be insured and carry liability coverage. This way, you won’t have to worry about anything, should something happen to your property or to the contractor. Typically, licensure requires a minimum general liability insurance for roofing contractors. Kangaroo Contractors carry General Liability Insurance, so that you’re covered and we’re covered on the job!

Being Reputable Matters

When you are planning to hire a roofer, there are a few things you need to find out about them, and their company, before forging ahead with the work you need to be completed. Your roof is arguably the most important part of a home or business. As such, you should hire a reliable roofing contractor who is licensed and insured to handle the task. Hiring a bad contractor, or one who is not licensed or insured could end in one spending far more than necessary to fix the mess the first contractor made.

A roofing contractor should have valid and verifiable liability insurance that will protect you, the homeowner, or business owner if an accident happens at your home or business.

Also, check references and online reviews of the company to make sure they do not have any legal claims against them, and that they are in good standing.

licensed roofing contractor, bonded and insured, north texas


GAF Master Elite residential roofing contractor, north texas

Who is GAF?

GAF is a roofing manufacturing company that was founded in 1886 in Parsippany, New Jersey. They have become North America’s largest manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing materials, with sales approaching $3 billion. GAF’s standard line of lifetime shingles, Timberline HD, is the #1 selling line in America. Because of its high standards and reputation in the industry, GAF is able to offer the highest level of roofing certifications and warranties.

What is Master Elite™?

A Master Elite™ Certification from GAF is the highest level of roofing certifications available in the roofing industry. To gain this certification, contractors need to:

  • Be properly licensed
  • Be adequately insured
  • Have a proven reputation
  • Be committed to ongoing professional training
GAF certified roofing contractor, north texas

Only 2-3% of all roofing companies qualify as Master Elite™. In order to uphold these standards, GAF randomly inspects a large number of the roofs that each company installs each year.

In some states, including North Texas, roofing companies are not required to hold a specific roofing license. This makes holding a Master Elite™ Certification one of the few ways to determine if your chosen contractor is actually qualified to perform work on your roof.

What does this mean?

Kangaroo Contractors is certified as a Master Elite™ contractor, which means we are able to provide our customers with the most inclusive warranties in the roofing business. These warranties give our customers the peace of mind that no matter what happens, their roof will be taken care of. Even if customers choose not to purchase these warranties, they know that quality materials are being put on their roof and that they will receive the highest quality workmanship in the business.


GAF offers three levels of worry-free warranties.

The Golden Pledge Warranty is the most inclusive warranty available. It covers 100% of all manufacturer defects for the entire lifetime of the shingle. Golden Pledge also covers workmanship defects for 25 years. This includes tear-off costs, as well as disposal costs. Any repairs needed because of manufacturer defects or poor workmanship will be made by a GAF Master Elite™ Roofing Contractor, ensuring that you will get the highest quality work possible. Golden Pledge is a one-time transferable warranty.

GAF Golden Pledge, licensed and bonded roofers in Texas

The Silver Pledge Warranty is the mid-level warranty that is offered by GAF. This covers 100% of all manufacturer defects for the entire lifetime of the shingle. The workmanship coverage for Silver Pledge is 10 years. This includes tear-off costs, as well as disposal costs. It is also a one-time transferable warranty.

GAF certified roofers

The Systems Plus Warranty is the lowest level warranty that GAF offers. It also covers 100% of all manufacturer defects for the entire lifetime of the shingle, but it only has a 2-year Workmanship Coverage. Systems Plus covers tear-off costs, but it does not cover the cost of disposal. It is a one-time transferable warranty.

GAF Golden Pledge, licensed and bonded roofers in Texas

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