New Year, New Remodel Ideas

The New Year is here and seems like the pandemic just won’t stop! It appears that home offices with virtual meetings will continue for at least the near future. All this time inside, may have you asking; how you can improve the place where most of your time is spent?

Home remodeling is on everyone’s mind lately. Whether it be ways to increase the value of your home or simply increase the space to solve certain privacy issues (think spa bathrooms). People that are tired of logging in from their couch are seeking ways to create a home office from either an existing room or create a multi-purpose area in common areas.  Even minor changes can make a huge difference for a place that you are spending most of your time.  Social distancing is also creating the need to improve the outdoor living for many homeowners to entertain and feel somewhat connected to friends and family.


McKinney Kitchen Home RemodelingHave you been wondering what are the latest trends in kitchen remodeling? In past years, white, clean-line kitchens have been a favorite.  However, with more and more people working from home, it can be hard to keep the clean look going day to day.  For some people, it can look too cold and sterile.  A more casual look may be an easier approach.  You can keep a light look by updating the paint from white or light gray to another light color such as a pale blue.  It can make your kitchen feel soft and soothing, and let’s face it, you are probably making multiple trips to the kitchen when taking a break from your computer.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. There should not be stress associated with keeping it crisp white and picture perfect clean.  There is a way to accomplish a casual clean look while keeping it functional, organized, and easy to access the items you use the most.  It should look and feel comfortable for the homeowner.  This can be done by a simple upgrade in paint to redesigning the cabinets and countertops.

While it may sound great to have a minimalist look, most people have busy lives and this can be nearly impossible to achieve.  However, there are several ways to come close to looking minimal with a more realistic approach.  As Marie Kondo asks, does it spark joy? If not, perhaps you shouldn’t have it around.  Here is a great article on how to minimize your kitchen without it looking empty and boring: 15 Simple Hacks To Create A Minimalist Kitchen.


As we spend more time at home, it is common to find ourselves looking at how our spaces can look more updated.  This includes how our bathrooms can look not only more stylish, but functional as well.  Updating the shower is probably the number one request we hear.  Marble-look porcelain tile and a low curb or no curb shower is

a perfect way to accomplish both. Add in stylish fixtures and you get a complete restyle without breaking the bank.  Sometimes it can be the small details that make the most difference. With the focus being on washing our hands and becoming more hygienic, homeowners are turning to touchless faucets in the bathroom.

Multipurpose storage can also be a big plus in the bathroom.  Installing shelves to accommodate for extra storage for towels or baskets can help not only free up space, but also make your bathroom look stylish and organized.

Something as simple as painting the walls or updating the bathroom flooring can complete a whole new look.  Trending colors seem to be leaning toward greens and blues for bathrooms.  Sherwin Williams Pewter Green or Smoky Blue are great examples of this popular trend.




It’s no surprise with more people staying inside, there is a common need to connect with nature.  Updating your windows can be the initial point of view to the outdoor world.  Thermal windows add maintenance free convenience, energy efficiency, strength, and durability.  Check out our window page for more information.

Your patio and backyard should be a comfortable extension of your home.  Adding a pergola, power washing the deck or simply re-staining your fence can provide a really nice upgrade.

Curb Appeal

If an instant curb appeal is important for you, replacing your siding could be what you need.  Warped, cracked, or faded siding can be very unsightly. It might be time to replace it with a more durable product.

We use LP SmartSide which offers one of the skilled installation experts can provide you with fast and reliable service to boost your home’s curb appeal. Finally, there is a durable siding product that will withstand the elements that is perfect for our North Texas Climate.


Another item to put at the top of your New Year list is a roof inspection.  Most homeowners only call for a roof contractor to do an inspection after a hailstorm or if they see evidence of a leaking roof or a leaking skylight.  But yearly inspections are a great idea for a few reasons.  You may have water damage that you did not even realize you had.  We can inspect your shingles and look for signs of leaking around pipes and skylights.  This may show that you need a minor repair before a potentially large repair or replacement.   If you do find that you need to have your roof replaced, it will make your insurance claim easier.  An inspection report from a creditable roofing contractor will simplify the insurance claim process. Along with the roof inspection, we can check out your gutters to make sure they are in working order.

Since we are not seeing much slow down to this pandemic, it might be time for you to consider some of these home improvements.  There is more than enough stress to go around, so finding the right contractor for remodeling. can reduce some of that stress for you.  Kangaroo Contractors can give you the best home remodeling estimate based on your wants and needs.  We have been servicing the McKinney, Frisco, Plano, Prosper, Carrollton and surround cities since 1996 and are licensed and insured.

If you’re ready to tackle a remodel project or if you want to talk more about your options and exactly what a project like this entails, give us a call. We would love to be your contractor for home remodeling and we’re happy to walk you through the process!

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