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Tracking down a leaking roof, whether it be from a leaking skylight, a leak around the chimney or a leaky flue pipe, can be very difficult. However, the repair for these leaks can be quite simple to repair. We at Kangaroo Contractors are experts at professionally repairing all your leaking roof issues. Penetrations can include plumbing and roof vents, chimneys, dormers or anything else that projects through the roof. Here are a few common reasons for water stains on your ceiling or running down the walls.

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Tiny Leaks

Some small leaks can show up further down than where the actual leak is coming from.  There can be several different reasons for that.  Any number of penetrations, such as leaking skylight, chimney, roof vents, plumbing, window dormers or anything else that protrudes through the roof could be the cause.  We will go into your attic and on your roof to do an extensive investigation to locate the leak.

leaking roof at pipe jack

Vent Pipe Leaks

Have you noticed water stains on your ceiling?  More times than not, it is from a leaking vent pipe. Over time, the plastic and metal base vents can have cracks or have seams that have become separated. It is also possible for the rubber boot that surrounds the pipe to become rotted and cracked, allowing water to come through and into the house. All of these components can get worn out by the Texas heat or wind.  We will inspect all of these issues and replace the old, rotted boot with a new one. It may be something as simple as replacing missing or loose screws located at the base of the boot. Either way we have you covered in repairing the leaking vent pipe and helping protect your home from further water damage.

Leaking Roof Vent

Just like vent pipe leaks, roof vents have a plastic or metal housing that could be causing some of your leaking roof issues. Some roofers may just try to band aid the issue by replacing the caulk around the roof vent, but that is not a long term answer — the leak will return. The only way to prevent a leak from this area is to replace the entire roof vent. Kangaroo can assess the issue and provide you with the information you need to prevent further leaking.

McKinney leaking roof vent
Roof leaks at a dormer wall

Leaking Dormer Windows or Walls

When you see water stains on the ceiling or walls of your home, you may automatically think you have a leaking roof. That is not always the case. Sometimes, especially in Texas where rain can come down sideways, the leaking can come in from around the windows or between the boards of worn out or cracked siding. Dormer windows provide several areas where water can fall down the entire roof and cause water to penetrate several of these areas. We will inspect and decide whether the area needs to be resealed or if flashing needs to be added or replaced. We will also take a look at any rotted wood around the dormers and determine it needs to be replaced with a higher quality of siding such as LP Smart Side that stands up to wind and other weather elements.

Leaking Step Flashing

As previously discussed, step flashing could be the cause of your roof leaking. Let’s dive into that a little more. The reason step flashing is used along the walls near the roof line is so that water will not penetrate the vulnerable area and cause a leak to enter your home. Sometimes that flashing can rust or come loose, and water will find its way in behind the flashing. We will professionally install new flashing, making sure it is secure and prevent any further leaks. Sometimes there may be small holes in your roof from leftover Satellite dishes or a rain gauge.  This is another situation where flashing is used to stop leaks from occurring.

Leaking flashing on roof
McKinney chimney leak, leaky roof repair, north texas

Leaking Chimney

A leaking chimney can be caused by a variety of reasons, but Kangaroo Contractors has the expertise to discover exactly why the leak is occurring and how to correctly repair it. The main cause of a leaky chimney is the flashing. Over time the flashing around a chimney can rust and break down. Replacing chimney flashing can be one of the toughest parts of a roofing job, requiring the most skill. Unfortunately for homeowners, not all roofing companies know how or have experience to properly flash in chimneys. Many roofers will even skip the chimney flashing altogether, relying on the old flashing to keep the new roof dry. This seldom works out well for the homeowner and will no doubt cause future leaks into your home. You can rely on Kangaroo Contractors to make sure there are no shortcuts, and the flashing replacement is done correctly!

Leaking Skylights

Skylights leaks, for the majority of the time, are due to improper installation and incorrectly installed flashing. Also, the insulation around the skylight can deteriorate over time and be the cause of the skylight leaking. Cracks and damage to the actual window are other potential leak sources. Here is a video to help guide you through our process.

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Weak or Missing Shingles

One of the main reasons for a leaking roof would be damaged or worn-out shingles. They are meant to protect your roof from water and run it off into the gutters. If the shingles are damaged or installed incorrectly, it can cause a roof leak and cause damage to a lot of areas below that. Storm and wind damage can also cause major damage to shingles and the roofing underneath them. We can inspect your roof to look for damage or missing shingles, especially after bad weather. If the roof is otherwise in good condition, you can replace the damaged or missing pieces.

The weather in Texas is no joke. We experience rain, hail, strong winds and tornadoes more than any of us would like. While you’re relaxing safely indoors waiting for the storm to pass, your roof is experiencing the full force of North Texas severe weather. When the storm passes, your roof is no better off. With most days in summer reaching temperatures in the triple digits, Dallas Fort Worth is no place for weak roofs. A Texas roof needs to be a tough roof.

At Kangaroo Contractors, we know what it takes to keep your roof Texas tough, so it can protect everything and everyone you hold dear. We have been caring for local homes since 1996. We’re GAF Master Elite Roofers, licensed through the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas, and also HAAG Certified Roofing Inspectors.

We know the cost of a roof replacement can be a big concern for our customers.  Call Kangaroo Contractors today so that we can get you an estimate for roof replacement or repair.

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