How Bathroom Renovations Can Add Value to Your Home

Not all renovations are created equally. You may have some grand ideas for your home, but not all of them will add to your home’s value. Updating your bathrooms or even adding in a bathroom will always be one of those renovations that will add to your home value. You can expect to recoup up to 50% of what you reinvest into your bathroom remodel

You don’t have to be putting your home on the market to be thinking in the future of your home value. A more functional or stylish bathroom or bathroom addition is always going to be pleasing to a current homeowner. Who doesn’t want a more luxurious bathroom? 

So what types of bathroom renovations are the best when it comes to adding to your home value?

New Flooring

How Bathroom Renovations Can Add Value to Your HomeNew flooring in a smaller space such as a bathroom can really make a huge difference in the overall look of the entire room. Plus, when it comes to overall cost of remodeling, flooring is one of the lower cost upgrades.

 If your home currently has a lower-grade flooring option, then upgrading your flooring will definitely add to your home value. 

When upgrading flooring in your bathrooms, consider replacing all your flooring in your wet rooms such as bathrooms, mudrooms, laundry rooms, etc. at the same time and with the same flooring to have a flow throughout your home. 


Adding new paint in your home is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to increase your home value overall, and your bathrooms are no exception. 

Painting your bathroom a neutral color is always a good idea, especially when it comes to home value and resale. Having a professional paint your bathroom so you are sure to have crisp lines and even strokes, will make your investment even better. 

Another advantage to hiring a professional contractor to do your bathroom remodel is that they can spot any mold, mildew or water damage while painting and are able to address and fix the problem immediately. 

Update Vanities

Updated vanities are always a big appeal to potential homebuyers. Updated vanities can be everything from your actual cabinets and sinks to your faucets. If you are doing your bathroom remodel with no intent on selling your home in the near future and are just doing it for you and your family, be sure to keep colors and materials in mind for future home buyer appeal. 

Marble and granite are great countertop options, and using all wood vanity cabinets is also a great option and will last longer. 

How to Go About a Bathroom Remodel

With all of the DIY shows around now many people are tempted to jump right in on their own and start on their bathroom remodel. That is one option. However, bathroom remodeling can be complicated. 

The beauty of hiring a local McKinney contractor to complete your bathroom remodel is that there will be no unexpected surprises. With DIYs, it is not a matter of if but when. There will be surprises. 

There can be many things that pop up during your remodel that you aren’t prepared for. Kangaroo Contractors are prepared to help you during your remodel from start to finish. With everything from the minor details to plumbing and electrical

We are here to help you transform your space into the bathroom you have always dreamed of. When you are ready to get started on your bathroom remodel give us a call and we’ll hop to it. 972-974-5720

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