How To Handle Your Insurance Claim For Roof Replacement

How To Handle Your Insurance Claim For Roof Replacement

Hail and wind damage can be a scary thing. The most overwhelming part might even be the questions about how to file an insurance claim.

The first thing you might want to do is call your insurance company and find out what is covered. Coverage is dependent on your plan and could cover your entire roof minus your deductible! They will explain how your plan is set up, how much your deductible might be and if there is depreciation in your particular coverage.

A free roof inspection by Kangaroo Contractors is the ideal next step. You want to make sure to call a local and established company. One who is a certified roofer, insured and bonded. This initial inspection will be purely informative and help you decide whether your roof has sustained enough damage to warrant a claim. An estimate is created by your insurance company, so pricing should not really be a factor unless you receive something substantially lower or higher than what your insurance suggests. From here, your contractor is your advocate and can help you through the entire claims process. He can take photos and help you gather proper documentation to submit to your insurance and answer any and all questions that arise about your claim and/or repairs.

You pay insurance premiums so that when disaster strikes, you can be taken care of. Let the insurance and roofing professionals help you!



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