Hail is more than just a nuisance

It may seem strange that Texas experiences as much hail as it does; but any given year the Dallas/Fort Worth area experiences upwards of 20 hail events with hailstones being as big as a half dollar in diameter. It’s no wonder you can get roof damage from hail.

Hail of this size is so much more than a nuisance — it can mean significant damage to your roof. To make matters worse, hail damage can be tricky because there aren’t always visible signs of the damage. Your roof may look perfectly normal while still having underlying damage that could prematurely age your roof. You may be wondering what damage from hail looks like. Unfortunately, there is no way to know this until a complete roof inspection is done. Call us today to schedule your roof inspection following the storm. We can even help you know how to file a claim for the hail damage.

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How to spot roof damage from hail

Although it can be tough to see the damage from the ground, there are a few signs that would indicate you could have damage from a hail storm.

  1. The Gutters: Do your gutters look dented or have spots where it looks like the hail had an impact? This could be a good sign that there is significant damage to the roof. Don’t forget to look at downspouts too.
  2. Damage to Deck or Fencing: Because these items are usually painted, the hail will leave a sign that damage has been done. Does the paint look chipped or worn? This could be a tell-tell sign of hail damage.
  3. Air Conditioner: It will be easy to recognize hail damage to the a/c unit. You will see dents in the fins which are on all sides of the unit.
  4. Siding: As indicated with a fence, siding will have a similar sign with dings, dents and other visual signs of impact.
  5. Windows: Check windowsills and casing for small cracks, dents and dings. Check caulking for tears or signs of impact. Also check window glass for small cracks. There may also be holes in the window screens.
  6. Damaged Trees or Bushes: Look for hail-damaged flower beds and bushes whose leaves have been stripped or beaten down by a heavy hail storm.

What do I do if I think I have hail damage?

If you’re a homeowner and think you may have hail damage, the first thing you should do is call Kangaroo Contractors for a free roof inspection.

If we think you may have damage, your next step would be to file an insurance claim with your homeowners insurance company. Please remember, as a homeowner it would be a good idea to have Kangaroo Contractors come out and inspect the roof with your insurance adjuster. Insurance companies are looking for a reason NOT to replace or repair your roof. We will be there to be on YOUR side.

A lot of people ask: “Will insurance pay for a new roof?” This depends on your policy and who you have on your team. A trained professional can determine whether the damage is functional or cosmetic in nature. A public adjuster can help you negotiate a fair deal with the adjuster.

We know the cost for roof replacement is a huge concern for homeowners. Call Kangaroo Contractors so we can come out, inspect the roof, and give you a free estimate for roof replacement.

hail damage, roof repair collin county roofers, mckinney, frisco, allen, wylie, murphy, sachse
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Repairing the damage

Kangaroo Contractors stands by our work. Every roof replacement includes, at a minimum, the Weather Stopper System Plus Warranty, which gives our customers peace of mind that the job was done correctly. We also offer upgrades to the Silver and Golden Pledge Warranties from GAF that extend the labor warranty to 10 years and 25 years respectively.

Having been in business since 1996, our trained and certified roofing professionals have built solid relationships within the community. We are known for our expertise to diagnose issues quickly and deliver the most cost-effective solution. That’s the reason why we are the #1 choice for new and returning customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

As a member of the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas, roof repairs are a large part of our business, and we’d love to add you to our long list of satisfied clients. We know the cost of a roof replacement can be a big concern for our customers. Call Kangaroo Contractors today so that we can get you an estimate for roof replacement or repair.

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