Foam Insulation

Kangaroo Contractors is a home repair and remodeling contractor providing proper installation of foam wall insulation in North texas, Allen, Frisco, Prosper, Wylie, Murphy and Sachse. We specialize in energy efficiency and savings.

 Here is an example of a hot wall that we see in many homes in the metroplex. We have just pulled the very thin fiberglass batts off of the wall, and you can see all of the openings and gaps where hot/cold air seeps into the conditioned space. Above the ladder was a 10″ gap between the ceiling and the upper attic floor. At the time of the picture the attic temperature was 125 degrees, and this adjacent room was always uncomfortable in all seasons.

This is an example of a typical hot wall in your home. It is covered with R-15 fiberglass batts that many times are missing, compressed or falling out of their cavity. Not only does it lack enough insulation, there is no air barrier to the hot/cold attic.

Many homes in Texas have bonus rooms upstairs that are surrounded by hot walls or the attic on three sides and the ceiling. You can literally feel the temperature rise 5 to 7 degrees when you walk into these areas.

Many customers have rooms directly above the garage, OR they add a room above the garage as this customer is doing.

This is the same hot wall coated with 4 to 6 inches of foam. We achieved superior insulation (R-30 equivalent) and an air barrier in one step. This customer noticed an immediate difference in comfort in this room.

“We could never cool down our baby’s bedroom below 85 degrees because he was surrounded by attic hot walls on 3 sides. After Kangaroo blew foam on the walls we were finally able to keep it cool at 78 degrees. I would highly recommend this type of foam to any customer with hot or cold rooms in their home. It made a dramatic difference in our home, and now our baby finally sleeps through the night without sweating!”

This is the same hot wall, but we removed the batted insulation and blew in two part polyurethane foam. In one step we provided increased insulation (R-30) and tight air barrier. The amount of energy and air transfered from the attic will be significanly reduced.

The ONLY way to cool them down is to cocoon the room from this heat/cold of the attic. We stop all thermal bridging through the studs by coating the walls with 4” to 6″ of foam and filling in all the gaps around the fiberglass batts, stopping ALL air intrusion.

The only way to guarantee completely sealing this room off from the heat sink that is your garage, is by spraying 4” to 6″ of open cell foam which we have done here. We also sprayed all of the walls and vaulted ceiling/roof deck insuring that this new room will stay comfortable year round.

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