We can now inspect your roof using the latest in Drone Technology!

Kangaroo Contractors, the premier Roofing Company in McKinney Texas, no longer needs to crawl on your roof to perform roof inspections. With the help of certified drone pilots, we can now inspect even the steepest roof from the air. Kangaroo Contractors can now perform fly-over aerial drone inspections of any and all types of roofs. This allows for fast roof inspections and even faster roof repair appointments. Furthermore, we can get your inspection done and estimate it for you on the same day.

Kangaroo Contractors can inspect the steepest and most complex roofs. We are confident in our analysis of the condition of the roof and any repairs that may need to be performed.

Give us a call and we will hop… oops, I mean FLY up on your roof!

Watch this video to learn more about the groundbreaking technology that allows us to do a roof inspection by drone anywhere in Collin County.

Call us today to schedule your inspection and free estimate for roof replacement.

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