Drone Roof Inspection After Hail Storm

After experiencing storm damage time is of the essence. You cannot leave a damaged roof unattended for long before it starts to create additional problems in the home. We can provide a quick Drone Roof Inspection after the storm.

Kangaroo Contactors can now perform fly-over aerial drone inspections of any and all types of roofs. Allowing for fast roof inspections and even faster roof repair appointments. We can get your inspection done and estimate to you in the same day. 

There is no roof too steep. In this video you will see how the certified drone pilot flies the drone over 2-story steep roofs directly after experiencing a hail storm for quick and accurate damage assessment.


  • We use automated drones to assess your property damage.
  • We can scan the entire roof in just a few minutes and share the data and visuals with you.
  • We have Certified Drone Pilots on staff that has passed all FAA tests and follow all Air Traffic Control rules during each flight.
  • The software is a new way to collect and analyze property data using a blend of automated drone technology and years of experience.

Call us today to schedule your inspection and free estimate.

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