Asphalt Recycling is the Future

Asphalt Recycling

Each year in the U.S., roughly 13 million tons of asphalt material gets torn off of old roofs to make way for new asphalt shingles. Currently, only about 10% of that tear-off gets recycled for use in paving and other roadway projects. That leaves about 12 million tons of waste to get shipped to landfills…

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4 Reasons Why Powerwashing Is Good For Your Home

why power washing is good for you home

Power Washing your home may seem like something you do only to up the curb appeal or if you have some serious grime build up. However, it should be something that you do on a regular basis to keep your home at its best and avoid costly maintenance.  Your home is constantly being exposed to…

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Roof Inspections Using Drones

aluminum thermal break

Kangaroo Contractors, the premier Roofing Company in McKinney Texas, no longer needs to crawl on your roof to perform roof inspections.  With the help of certified drone pilots, we can now inspect even the steepest roof from the air. Kangaroo Contactors can now perform fly-over aerial drone inspections of any and all types of roofs. Allowing for…

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Beat The August Heat With This!

August is historically the hottest month of the year! Check out SolarHide which is the reflective underlayment we use sometimes to beat the heat. We love SolarHide because of the following reasons: Attic temperatures up to 30 degrees cooler when properly installed as a radiant barrier Synthetic & 100% recyclable One step underlayment & radiant…

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Roof Inspections: More Than Shingles, Check Your Vents Too!

On one of our recent roof inspections we found this lead pipe vent that wasn’t properly pinched and sealed off like the one on the right. Failure to complete this important detail allowed for leaking into the house. Water leaks such as this can lead to thousands of dollars of water damage. Weeks of drying and costly…

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April 11 Hail Storm in Wylie, TX

If you ever wondered how often Google updates their aerial maps, here is a perfect example. This is an overview of Wylie, Texas so they at least did a flyover since the massive hail storm on April 11 of this year. You can see all the different colors of tarps on the roofs and we…

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Beware of Roofing Storm Chasers!

Recently we had a storm chaser try and take advantage of one of our customers. They quickly figured it out and called Kangaroo, a local and trusted roofer, before it was too late! Don’t fall victim to stormchasers! Call a local and experienced roofer to take care of you and your home! Angie’s Lists notes…

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Gutter Install

Before and after pictures of a gutter install. Water was coming off the roof and staining the brick and washing out the flower beds. We installed a splash guard with the new seamless aluminum gutters that will prevent any future issues.

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Gutter Replacement

Benefits of Gutter Replacement Before and after pictures demonstrating what happens if you don’t install your gutters correctly. The old gutters were leaking every time it rained because the installer did not slide them under the roof drip edge flashing. Over time the water not only rotted out the fascia and soffit board but also…

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