Preparing Your Gutters For Spring

Preparing Your Gutters For Spring

By kangaroo-admin | March 2, 2021

When the weather begins to get the slightest bit nicer, we tend to start making our home maintenance to-do lists. And after what seems like the longest winter ever this year, those to-do lists may be pretty long. One thing that you don’t want to neglect when preparing your home for springtime is gutter maintenance.…

How Bathroom Renovations Can Add Value to Your Home

How Bathroom Renovations Can Add Value to Your Home

By kangaroo-admin | January 26, 2021

Not all renovations are created equally. You may have some grand ideas for your home, but not all of them will add to your home’s value. Updating your bathrooms or even adding in a bathroom will always be one of those renovations that will add to your home value. You can expect to recoup up…

Why are Window Screens Important for Your Home?

Why are Window Screens Important for Your Home?

By kangaroo-admin | December 28, 2020

Your window screens are so helpful for keeping out flies, gnats, and other unwanted pests from your McKinney, Texas home. Living in a warmer part of the country we know these pests don’t really take a rest in the winter. And many of us believe that pest control is the main purpose of window screens.…

proper attic ventilation

Why is Proper Attic Ventilation Important?

By kangaroo-admin | November 27, 2020

If you have taken a look at virtually any roof, you have probably noticed that most attics and roofs are vented. You may have seen a fan or ridge cap on the peak of the roof, and wondered to yourself, what is that?   We are here to tell you all about them. Plus the important…

why power washing is good for you home

4 Reasons Why Powerwashing Is Good For Your Home

By kangaroo-admin | October 29, 2020

Power Washing your home may seem like something you do only to up the curb appeal or if you have some serious grime build up. However, it should be something that you do on a regular basis to keep your home at its best and avoid costly maintenance.  Your home is constantly being exposed to…

LP Smart Siding

Benefits of LP Smart Siding for your McKinney Home

By kangaroo-admin | October 2, 2020

You may have heard us mention the LP Smart Siding we offer here at Kangaroo Contractors, but that is for good reason.   LP Smart Siding Benefit #1: Time Tested  LP has manufactured over nine billion square feet of SmartSide siding since 1997. That may not seem like long ago but we’re talking about siding…

The 4 Ways Cleaning Your Gutters Will Save You Money

By kangaroo-admin | September 10, 2020

Cleaning your gutters will save you money. This is a fact. Cleaning your gutters will save you money on your gutters themselves as well as the cost of damage caused by water including expensive flooding, mold and mildew removal, landscaping and the host of costs associated with foundation repair.  When your gutters are blocked and…

Roof Damage

How to Look for Roof Damage and What to Do if You Find It

By kangaroo-admin | September 3, 2020

As soon as the storm clouds roll out and the sun starts shining again – following a storm-  homeowners might forget about the importance of exterior inspection. While not all storms are damaging, it doesn’t hurt to do a quick check. Especially if the storm had high winds, hail, or heavy rain. Roof damage isn’t…

Roof Hail Damage

5 Tips for Avoiding Roof Repair Storm Chasers

By kangaroo-admin | June 19, 2020

After the storm passes you will need to be on the lookout for storm chasers. They are dishonest roofers who claim to help homeowners fix storm damages, but do it very quickly and inefficiently just so they can make a quick buck – in other words, a roofing scam. It’s important to be aware of…