Benefits of LP Smart Siding for your McKinney Home

You may have heard us mention the LP Smart Siding we offer here at Kangaroo Contractors, but that is for good reason.

LP Smart Siding Benefit #1: Time Tested

LP has manufactured over nine billion square feet of SmartSide siding since 1997. That may not seem like long ago but we’re talking about siding here. After over 23 years of successful performance, LP SmartSide products have proven there is no need to improve on perfection.

LP Smart Siding Benefit #2: Realism

LP Smart Siding is not wood, but it sure looks like it. Unlike traditional vinyl siding, LP Smart Siding offers the same great wood-grain look that you get from traditional wood siding but with the added protection that vinyl brings. No longer will you have to choose between a better looking home and a better protected home!

LP Smart Siding Benefit #3: Industry Leading Warranty

The LP® SmartSide® 50-year limited warranty is longer than most fiber cement product warranties. Read the full warranty at www.lpcorp.com

LP Smart Siding Benefit #4: Strength

SmartSide siding products are more resistant than fiber cement or vinyl products to impact damage from common projectiles found in a backyard, such as golf balls, baseballs, rocks and hail.

LP Smart Siding Benefit #5: Environmentally Friendly

All SmartSide products are manufactured with wood (a renewable resource) acquired using processes certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®). This makes LP Smart Siding a smart environmental choice.

LP Smart Siding Benefit #6: Easy Installation

LP SmartSide is significantly lighter per linear foot than fiber cement, making it easier to install. In addition, no special tools are required to cut it. Kangaroo Contractors can measure, cut and install the siding in a fraction of the time it takes to install traditional siding.

LP Smart Siding Benefit #7: Reversible

Some LP SmartSide trim comes in reversible smooth and cedar textures, greatly adding to its flexibility for shed design. We wouldn’t recommend reversing your siding like you would reverse a comforter or anything, but the added customization that is offered with reversible siding is definitely a benefit; especially to those installing it themselves on a shed or outbuilding.

LP Smart SidingLP Smart Siding Benefit #8: Texas Ready

Texas has its own version of severe weather that would make the severe weather in other places look like a walk in the park. LP Smart Siding can take it. It can handle the heat, the wind, the hail and anything else the great state of Texas can throw at it. LP Smart Siding will always protect your home with it’s unique design, your wallet with its incredible 50 year warranty and your peace of mind.

But choosing the right siding is only half the battle – be sure to have an experienced expert install your siding. We are an official LP BuildSmart Preferred Contractor at Kangaroo Contractors. Give us a call today and we’ll hop to it.

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