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What is Attic Ventilation?

attic ventilation - Attic Ventilation

  • Moving a continuous supply of air through the attic
  • 50% intake / 50% exhaust
  • Exhaust must be at least 3 feet higher than the intake system
  • Intake should be under eave
  • Exhaust should be near or at peak

In the summer, good attic ventilation reduces heat buildup. That cuts cooling costs and prolongs shingle life. In the winter, warm, moist air seeps into the attic from the living space below. Good ventilation allows the heat and moisture to escape. That keeps your attic dry and reduces ice dams.

Wind Turbines

wind turbines - Attic Ventilation

Technically, wind turbines aren't a fixed vent system because they use a moving part to help exhaust air from an attic. That moving part consists of a series of specially shaped vanes that turn wind force into a rotary motion. As the spinning vanes gain velocity, they create an area of low air pressure. That low pressure, in turn, pulls air from an attic.

With all aluminum rust-free construction, wind turbines reduce energy bills. Permanently lubricated upper and lower ball bearings ensure that wind turbines offer long life and no maintenance.

Soffit Vents

soffit vents - Attic Ventilation

The best place to install intake vents is in or near the roof eave or soffits. That location provides two key advantages:

1. The soffit vents are better protected from rain and snow infiltration. Vents mounted in the eave provide almost total protection.

2. Usually, when undereave vents are placed on both sides of a roof (as they should be), there's always an equal distribution of high and low pressure areas.

Solar Attic Fans

attic breeze solar fan - Attic Ventilation

  • Cool your home with free power from the sun
  • Save on monthly utility bills
  • Increase the life of your roof
  • Reduce wear and tear on your air conditioner
  • Increase the value of your home

Designed for greater cooling capacity and durability than competitive products, Attic Breeze delivers up to 1550 CFM of cooling performance, more than any residential solar powered attic fan available.

UltraFlo design technology is the proprietary fan design technology developed by Attic Breeze which allows our products to move a maximum amount of airflow for a minimum amount of energy input.

Too Much of a Bad Thing!

attic ventilation example - Attic Ventilation

Here is a great example of poor ventilation. There are two static vents on the top row with an old electric power fan that probably doesn’t work in the middle. In order to improve the situation somebody decided to install 3 fourteen-inch wind turbines BELOW the existing ventilation.

Unfortunately this will not help anything because the wind turbines are placed too low on the north side of the roof and will never spin with the predominately southern trade winds in the spring, summer and fall in Texas.

Even as passive ventilation they are too low on the roof, where heat will exit at the highest point. Too much ventilation this close together will also cause wind washing where each vent will try to pull air from adjacent vents, thus rendering them useless.

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