Attic Tents

Kangaroo Contractors is a home repair and remodeling contractor providing proper installation of home attic tents in North texas, Allen, Frisco, Prosper, Wylie, Murphy and Sachse. We specialize in energy savings and energy efficiency.

Top Ten Reasons To Buy An Attic Tent

Attic Tent Dimensions (Inside):

Most customers will need to order the AT-2 size, and this will cover doors with 4” steps up to 3 sections on the pull down stairs. If you have a high ceiling (10’ or higher) and there are 4 sections, then you will need the AT-4. However, if you have 5”- 6” steps you will automatically assume you need the AT-4. Sometimes with 6” stairs the opening will be extra long and wide, and then you will need to use the AT-5. The AT-6 is good for walk-in-doors to an attic, and the AT-7 is good for scuttle/access holes in the ceiling where there are no stairs. The AT-1 and AT-3 are used for narrow pull down stair openings, usually in older homes. Please remember there is a 2” flange around the perimeter of the unit that allows for imperfections in the opening and a little play in case the size isn’t exact.

Here is an example of home with a bowed attic pull down stair cover. This thin 1/4″ of plywood had cracked a full inch open on the front right corner, causing tremendous air infiltration and energy loss through the attic door on a daily basis.

If your front door was made of 1/4″ plywood and had gaps in it like this, then your first priority would be to replace the front door! An attic tent solves this problem by providing an insulating barrier and a seal against air infiltration from the overall hot/cold attic space.

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