Aftermath of Wylie, TX Hail Storm- Signs for Roof Damage

Wylie, Texas has been devastated by two recent hail storms. Here are several pictures of homes we have re-inspected in Wylie this week. This hailstorm has obvious signs of damage like this window and one of our yard signs. Many times hail damage isn’t so obvious so look for the potential signs listed below. Don’t forget roof damage isn’t completely visible from the ground and calling a qualified professional to inspect your roof is ideal. Do not wait until it is too late. It could take years before roof damage causes leaks that you notice. It might be too late to file a claim at this point.

Signs your roof might have hail damage:
– Aggregate in your gutters
– Damaged window ledges
– Nicks in your siding. This can cause splitting and lead to leaks.

hail broken window from hail Kangaroo Contractors sign

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