At Kangaroo Contractors we aren’t limited to just replacing your roof. We can complete the entire claim including any interior repairs and any siding, window or gutter damage. Give Us a Call Today, and We Will Hop To It!

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Drone Roof Inspections

We offer drone roof inspections! We use automated drones to assess your property damage.

We can scan the entire roof in just a few minutes and share the data with you.

We have Certified Drone Pilots on staff that have passed all FAA tests and follow all Air Traffic Control rules during each flight.

The software is a new way to collect and analyze property data using a blend of automated drone technology and years of experience.

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Let’s Winterize Our Homes!

Let’s make sure you home is winter ready! We can help protect your home against freezing temperatures by adding extra insulation to the attic. This will prevent warm air from creeping to your roof and causing ice dams. We should also check flashing to ensure water can’t enter your home. You should consider replacing worn roof shingles or tiles. Kangaroo Contractors can also clean out the gutters and the downspouts to clear away debris. You may also want to install leaf guards on the gutters or extensions on the downspouts to direct water away from the home. This is 2019 winterize check list!Roof 400x281 - Let's Winterize Our Homes!

Soffit Vents: Are they restricting air flow?

Before, middle and after pictures of an issue we see quite often on houses in North Texas. Whenever we paint a house we always replace the soffit vent covers so they don’t get clogged with paint (most painters just spray right over the old ones). Most of the time when we pull them off the builder only cut a small hole restricting intake airflow into the attic. We always widen them to the fullest extent and then install a fresh cover. Most of the time they are clogged with dirt and/or insulation further restricting airflow.

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