Before and after pictures of a stucco area replaced with LP Smartside siding. If you look closely, in the upper right corner, there is a small hole in the stucco from a woodpecker. In the next picture you can see some of the wood rot caused by the birds and exacerbated by a lack of vapor barrier and window flashing. The new siding has a 50 year manufacturers warranty

Window 1Window 2











Window 3Window 4


Energy Solution for a Hot Room

Before and after pictures of an upstairs game room that was always uncomfortable. Part of this room was over the back porch and when we removed the carpet and subfloor we discovered the builder did not install insulation as we suspected after an energy audit. We then air sealed and insulated in one step with 6″ of open cell foam and then upgraded the flooring with new engineered hardwoods. Since are RESNET Energy Smart Contractors we can help solve these problems from diagnosing to complete renovation of the issue.

Before Hot RoomHalf built Hot RoomHot Room


Window Replacement

Before and after pictures of a bump out addition to a kitchen. Poured a small foundation, removed the three large windows and replaced it with one large thermal break aluminum window with Low E glass. Now there is room for new cabinets and storage on the inside and we finished off the outside with blended and matched brick.

W 1 W2











Flashing Around Patio

A wise man once said “Good Work Ain’t Cheap and Cheap Work Ain’t Good.” We are fixing a lot of other contractors problems lately. This customer had a new patio cover installed and with all the rain it exposed the cheap flashing job as seen in the first two pictures. Water was getting behind the flashing so we tore it out and reflashed it properly as seen in the last picture.

Flashing Around PatioFlashing on PatioFlashing

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