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New Hail Resistant Roof

Before and after pictures of a new GAF Armorshield II Hail Resistant shingle installation. We also cleaned up his ventilation by upgrading to a combination of solar and wind power over open attic spaces and ridge vents over vaulted ceilings. We also added more soffit vents for increased intake ventilation. Finally we replaced his leaking gutters with seamless aluminum type.

Hail Resistant RoofHail Resistant RoofNew Hail Resistant Roof

Leaf Screens for Gutters

Tired of cleaning out your gutters and witnessing overflows during heavy rain storms? These are heavy gauge aluminum leaf screens with oval/rain dropped shaped holes that allow water to easily pass through 4 times faster than traditional screens. The embossed and wavy design also encourages self-shedding of debris.

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Bathroom Remodel

Before and after pictures of a master bathroom remodel. Replaced vanities and cabinets with stained maple, new granite counters and wide set faucets. Opened up the space by removing the soffits which allowed for a taller shower and more cabinet space. Took out obscure shower door and replaced it with clear frameless enclosure, added custom natural stone tile with a corner bench and inset wall niche.

10982416 884603284924400 1831148966137195096 n - Bathroom Remodel    10991449 884603298257732 9210577013800079464 n - Bathroom Remodel

10994066 884603311591064 1461943090224567784 n - Bathroom Remodel   1396014 884603328257729 411339153313085875 n - Bathroom Remodel

10993442 884603398257722 8646531898300820638 n - Bathroom Remodel   10985580 884603411591054 2448205728097648077 n - Bathroom Remodel

10383122 884603464924382 8186561640750548804 n - Bathroom Remodel

Infrared Pictures for Foam Insulation

Dramatic before and after pictures of the benefits of foam insulation. First picture shows how cold air is transmitted through the fiberglass batts on a home with 18 foot ceilings, which is typical in new homes in our area, as seen in second reference picture. The third picture, after the batts have been removed, picks up the heat from the chemical reaction of new open cell foam. The final infrared picture clearly shows the even pattern of foam sealing off the cold and hot air from the attic with no thermal bypass through the studs.


10447845 881266835258045 4783598376409588955 n - Infrared Pictures for Foam Insulation

10987577 881266845258044 8291272643614899612 n - Infrared Pictures for Foam Insulation     10392351 881266855258043 1326095887344215055 n - Infrared Pictures for Foam Insulation


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