Thermal Break Aluminum Bay Window

Before and after pictures of a Kitchen bay window. Because of the way the builder originally constructed this window, the structure was touching the ground which caused moisture and termite migration into the wood and siding. We had to demolish and completely rebuild the bay window structure and cover it with LP SmartSide trim and siding. Now it is elevated with a new thermal break aluminum window.

Before Thermal Break Aluminum Bay Window
After Thermal Break Aluminum Bay Window


Gutter Replacement

Before and after pictures demonstrating what happens if you don’t install your gutters correctly. The old gutters were leaking every time it rained because the installer did not slide them under the roof drip edge flashing. Over time the water not only rotted out the fascia and soffit board but also the underlying 2×4 structure. After replacing several hundred lineal feet of rotted wood the new SmartSide trim/soffit and seamless aluminum gutters will last for many years.

Before a Gutter ReplacementAfter Gutter Replacement











old guttersnew gutters installed


Before and After pictures of a new roof that had multiple leaks and visible streaks from algae growth. The new GAF Timberline HD roof has Stain Guard to prevent Algae Discoloration. This roof also has upgraded Z ridge and a Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty.

Leaking Roof 1Leaking Roof 2

Garage Door Replacement

Before and after pictures of a new garage overhead door made out of real cedar wood. We also custom built matching shutters and then preserved them with a clear coat of marine varnish. Many thanks to Patrick Johnson with Ideal Garage Doors for a great installation.

Garage Door ReplacementGarage Door Before a Replacementreplaced garage doorUnfinished garage doorGarage doorinside view of a garage door


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