Congratulations Kangaroo

We are proud to announce that we have reached Silver Status in the The LP BuildSmart Preferred Remodeler Program. This is a value-packed program that allows us to provide quality installation and products for your siding needs.

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Complete Siding Replacement

Before and after pictures of a complete siding replacement. All of the Masonite sidings was rotting and buckled so we used LP SmartSide trim and siding with a limited 50-year warranty. We also installed new gutters to prevent water overflows over the back door. Finally, we upgraded the attic ventilation with continuous intake vents using LP SmartSide brand vented soffits.

House siding before
Old Masonite Siding rotting and no proper gutters
House siding after
New LP SmartSide Trim and siding and new gutters













siding before
Very small painted-shut soffit vents
siding after
New continuous LP SmartSide vented soffit boards


Bathroom Remodel

Before and after pictures of a bathroom remodel. A replaced vinyl tub that was never used to a tile shower with new shower enclosure coated with Enduroshield to prevent water spots. Also added a new vanity with granite top with more storage. Finally, we converted the old small stand up shower into a storage closet.

Before vinyl tub in a bathroom
Old vinyl tub
New tile shower in a bathroom
New tile shower with semi-frameless enclosure













Old vanity in a bathroom
Old Vanity
New vanity in a remodeled bathroom
New Vanity with more storage













Old shower in bathroom
Old Shower
New closet in a remodeled bathroom
New closet with lots of storage


Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Before and after of a hardwood floor refinishing going from a medium to a darker stain. We used a dustless system and added stain grade shoe mold for a more elegant look.

hardwood floor before a remodel
hardwood floor after a remodel













wood floor before remodel
Wood Floor After Remodel


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