Four Steps to Choosing a Professional Roofer in McKinney, TX

Your roof is one of the most essential parts of your home. Whether you need repairs or a replacement, you don’t want to trust it to just anyone. However, finding a good roofer means sorting through the dozens of roofers in the area, and that can be a time-consuming process. It can also be hard to know if you’ve really made the best choice. Fortunately, there are a few ways to narrow down your list and feel more confident about your choice of a roofer in McKinney, Frisco, Allen or Plano.

  1. Go LocalMcKinney Roof showing shingles and new roof

No doubt you can find local branches of corporate roofers in the area, and those may be the names that pop up the most often. However, it’s usually a better idea to choose someone local. Local roofers are experts in the area and know exactly what kind of McKinney weather roofs must withstand. They’ll also have a stronger reputation specific to your area, so you can get a clearer idea of the service they provide.

Since 1996, Kangaroo Contractors has replaced and repaired many roofs for many homeowners and residents throughout the DFW metroplex. We have seen all kinds of hail damage to roofs in McKinney, Allen, Frisco, Plano and other communities in North Texas.

  1. Get Referrals (Then Do Research)

Today, you can simply search for roofers on Google, but it’s still a good idea to get referrals from people yo

u know and trust. Do you have coworkers or neighbors who recently had their roof replaced? What about friends or family members who know a good roofer? How long have they been in business? What kind of roofs do they offer?

At Kangaroo Contractors we are proud of the reviews our customers give us. Please check out our reviews on Facebook here.  And check out our reviews on YELP here.

  1. Get A Strong Warranty

Once you have a short list of roofers to consider, ask each of them what their warranties look like and how long are they good for. This will give you more than simply an idea of the pricin

g for each project. It is a way to weed out the lower end roofers. It will also give you a sense of the roofers themselves. We’re GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractors (License # ME40933) GAF is the oldest and largest roofing manufacturer in the US. That certification means you get a 50-year warranty on all products and a 10-year warranty on all labor. And we’re bonded and insured too, so you’re covered in case an accident happens.

  1. Avoid Roofing Fraud

Roofing Companies Fraud Insurance Carriers 1000x550 400x220 - Four Steps to Choosing a Professional Roofer in McKinney, TXIf you’ve ever had a roofer show up at your door, especially right after a storm, offering a free roof inspection and repairs for your roof, there’s a good chance these are “storm chasers.” It’s a common kind of roofing fraud, though it can go a few ways. They may take a deposit from you and disappear. They may cause damage to your roof themselves until the insurance will cover it. Regardless, it’s a scam that you’ll certainly want to avoid. It’s better to find referrals from friends and neighbors and to do your homework on any roofer that approaches you.

Have questions about the kind of roofing service Kangaroo Contractors can provide your home? Contact us today at 972-974-5720 for more information or a FREE Inspection.

Four Steps to Protect Your McKinney Roof This Spring

A roof can be very expensive, at times costing more than a new vehicle.Asphalt Shingles db - Four Steps to Protect Your McKinney Roof This Spring Although it’s easy to forget to properly maintain your rooftop, a damaged roof is impossible to ignore. As a recognized leader in the McKinney, Allen, Frisco and Plano roofing industry, we know a lot about protecting roofs. Here are just a few easy steps you can take to protect your roof and keep it in the best condition possible.


Keep Your Gutters Clean

It’s important to regularly inspect your gutters and keep them clear of debris. If you don’t clean out your gutters, they’ll clean you out – in repair costs, that is. Although it’s a chore nobody looks forward to; you shouldn’t overlook the importance of the gutters. Failing to do so will cause moisture from rain and humidity to infiltrate your roof, which will eventually cause rotting within the structure of the roof itself. When gutters are all clogged up with gunk, they can cause rain to run off your roof improperly and soak into the roof of your home or building. Ultimately, that may lead to trouble with your foundation.

At Kangaroo Contractors, we suggest you schedule a gutter cleaning biannually in the fall and spring to help properly protect your roof.

Visually Inspect Your Roof

Walk around the outside of your house and inspect your roof. This simple step will more likely allow you to catch damage or maintenance issues before they end up costing you a fortune. You don’t have to climb up on your roof to see issues that may need attention – in fact, you usually shouldn’t for safety reasons. With the severe weather we experience that can damage roofs in McKinney and Allen and all of North Texas, it’s especially important to inspect your roof after every storm.

A visual inspection of your roof will tell you a lot, particularly if it happens to be a shingle roof. Loose shingles and flashing are the most common things you would need a McKinney Roofer help for.

Here is what to check for:
• Missing or damaged shingles
• Signs of wear or tear
• Look for dark, discolored spots which may signal mildew

• The condition and placement of the flashing

It’s also important to inspect your roof to identify signs of rodent and pest damage. Rotting of the roofing materials is a strong clue you have an issue.

At Kangaroo Contractors we offer a FREE Roof Inspection. Plus, we use the latest drone technology to accurately and safely inspect your roof. Almost all insurance companies now accept the use of drone video as a means of verifying roofing claims.  KangarooContr 4.3.19 03 400x400 - Four Steps to Protect Your McKinney Roof This Spring

Remove Leaves

Do you live in a location that is wooded or has trees hanging near your roof? If so, leaves can easily accumulate on top. Leaves trap moisture leading to decomposition and weed growth. There are several ways of dealing with these issues. Call us at 972-974-5720 to discuss options.

Trim Nearby Branches

This may seem obvious, but tree maintenance is paramount to protecting your roof. Overgrown tree branches can cause damage to your shingles and can lead to the possibility of broken limbs falling onto your roof. Branches or even the whole trunk can come down. No matter the size of your trees, spring is the time to prune back branches that may drop leaves into your roof’s gutters. Also, look for signs of wood rot or pests and call a pro for removal.

Now is a great time to get outside and take these steps that potentially will save you thousands of dollars. At Kangaroo Contractors we always ready to hop to it and answer any and all of your questions. Please call us at 972-974-5720 to schedule a FREE roof inspection.

At Kangaroo Contractors we aren’t limited to just replacing your roof. We can complete the entire claim including any interior repairs and any siding, window or gutter damage. Give Us a Call Today, and We Will Hop To It!

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Drone Roof Inspections

We offer drone roof inspections! We use automated drones to assess your property damage.

We can scan the entire roof in just a few minutes and share the data with you.

We have Certified Drone Pilots on staff that have passed all FAA tests and follow all Air Traffic Control rules during each flight.

The software is a new way to collect and analyze property data using a blend of automated drone technology and years of experience.

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